Promotion CNY 2017

 Time rush, and shortly went to the end of the year. Every year at this time we are well-prepared for each customer beloved back promotion end of the year. In order to meet the new year, we are close to every customer planning a # HOMCNY2017 Promotions. On the 25th and the beginning of the coming together of Christmas promotions to 15 JAN 2017, you can enjoy a 15% discount when you consume RM200 onwards. In addition, when you consume RM400 or above, will get a limited free gift. Thanks for the support customers has always been, Happiness will do our best efforts and intentions of service to you. We wish you a happy new year! .


  “ 时光匆匆,转眼间又到了一年终了。每一年的这个时候我们都为挚爱的每个顾客精心准备歲末回饋促销。为了迎接新的一年到来,我们贴心为了每位顾客筹划了#HOMCNY2017优惠促销。与25号圣诞节来临一起开始的促销至15 JAN 2017,你可以享有15%折扣当你消费RM200起。除外,当你消费RM400或以上,还会得到精美礼包哦 。感谢顾客们一直以来的支持,Happiness会尽我们最大的努力和用心服务你们。祝你们愉快的迎接新的一年!!” 

HOM Team  23 Dec 2016 


Order over RM 400.00 will get the FREE GIFT

Limited Free Gift  #HOMCNY2017

Only 300 Stocks ! T&C Apply

# H O M C N Y 2 0 1 7 

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